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Marqunching Salts

HardCastle Petrofer

We offer various types of Marquenching Salts which are classified depending on their melting point and thereby the lowest application temperature. These salts are using for marquenching of automobile gears, shafts, bearing races at temperatures of 220°C -300°C where distortion control is critical. These salts are also used for austempering of Spring steel washers, circlips,etc


Product       Melting Point           Application                          Application
                          (°C)               Temperature Range (°C)
HISALT 1150       135                       160 – 530                             Marquenching,Austempering
HISALT 1220       220                       260 – 540                             Austempering
HISALT 2460       460                       500 – 900                            Quenching of High SpeedSteel


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