Annealing involves heating to a predetermined temperature, houlding at this temperature, and finally cooling at a very slow rate. The temperature at which steel is heated and holded for duration varies with chemical composition,size,shape of component. Annealing can be the final or preparatory step for further treatment.

Purpose of Annealing

Relieve internal stresses developed during solidification, machining,forging,rolling or welding.
Improve or restore ductility and toughness.
Enhance machinability
Eliminate chemical non uniformity
Refine grain size

Please contact us for more information on this process. Tentative delivery time is 3 to 4 days, depend upon lot size and hardness requirement thus vary.

Different Furnace Capacity

Size: 1500 mm Dia x 310 mm Height
Size: 1000 mm Dia x 1600 mm Height
Size: 750 mm Dia x 2000 mm Height


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