Direct Hardening & Tempering


Certain tools and components demand high tensile strength and hardness to be used for heavy duty purposes high tensile strength and hardness values can be obtained by process of hardening.
Hardening Treatment consists of heating to a predetermined temperature, Holding at the temperature followed by rapid cooling. The high Hardness developed by this process is due to the phase transformation accompanying rapid cooling.

The main purpose of hardening is to developed high hardness this enables tool steel to cut other metals .High hardness developed by this process also improves wear resistance. This is the primary aim of the process for components such as – gears, shafts and bearings. Tensile strengths and yield strengths are improved considerably by hardening structure steel. Changing the Metallurgical & Mechanical properties of metals by processes of heating. It is used to harden, soften, or modify other properties of materials that have different structures at different range of temperatures.

The type of transformation depends on the temperature at which the material is heated to, how fast it is heated, how long it is kept heated, what temperature it is first cooled to, and how fast it is cooled. (Hardened and quenched) Followed by a secondary heating stage of a much lower temperature and duration it is held.(Tempering)

Direct Hardening Process carried out in two furnaces
1) Atmosphere Furnace (GCF)
2) Salt Bath Furnace


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