Liquid Nitriding


Hagora Techno Treats is the firm involved in the area of Liquid Nitriding – A Heat Treatment process, in collaboration with its Technology Inventor and Researcher in France. It is a patented treatment process termed “Sursulf” with more than 1000 plants established in world today.

Hagora Techno Treats is the first and foremost Introducer of the process of Nitriding in the region of Rajkot as well as Saurashtra since 1984 and is the Best Quality and Service provider according to the best of the OEM Suppliers & Exporter firms to enhance the Value of their Engineering Goods.

Our heartily involvement on this area and sincere efforts to develop this Industry has enriched us with the experience to excel in the technology.

Inspection Facilities

We have all the major inspection machinery and testing facilities required to control the quality of our services which includes hardness testers, microscopes, etc.


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